4 Regrets from my College Days

I’m so lucky to have graduated with incredible friends, a strong degree, and an overall positive experience during my four years in Maine. Although I worked about 15 hours a week in the athletic training room, studied late into the night in the library, and took ample time to hang out with others, there will always be a couple slight regrets after graduating. Here are 4 of mine:

  1. Take the time to meet with Professors – there are very few people who wouldn’t include this, even if those who went a couple times per week. The most rewarding relationships in college are with those who teach and help you grow, so go visit them! Whether it was a less than stellar grade, a brainstorm session for a group project, or the opportunity to receive life advice, it’s always worth it. 
  2. Join a group your friends aren’t part of – I met a few of my closest friends through my on-campus job; however, afterwards I didn’t make much of an effort to explore other groups. At every college there are a plethora of organizations or clubs to join that might just define your college career. 
  3. Study something you LOVE – I’ve said this many times, but this is one of my biggest regrets. I studied economics, with a concentration in natural resources (and to my disbelief I actually use it now). If I studied English or History, I believe I would’ve tried harder, been more passionate about my work, and met with my professors (see #1). There’s usefulness in a degree, but interest is really the driver of success. 
  4. Make the most of ‘Down Time’ – Since college is one of the last stages of life without a set schedule, I tended to nap or just do nothing with my free time if I didn’t have an obligation. Much like #2, it’s important to explore all of the opportunities that the school creates. When else will a famous author be speaking with free admission in an auditorium a 3 minute walk away? Never…And when will all of your friends be in the same town, or possibly even the same building? Not after graduating! Take the time while the opportunity is there. 

5 Daily Thoughts of an Early-20-Something

The most pivotal, yet confusing years of life. There’s no more structure, no concrete next steps, yet somehow we figure out how to put the pieces together. I’ll almost always have a smile on my face, but no matter what, these 5 thoughts always fleet through my mind:

  1. “So, what’s the purpose of my degree?”
  2. “What am I doing with my life?” 
  3. “Is everyone else in the same boat as me?” 
  4. *Has one intellectual conversation* “Wow, I’m using my brain again!”
  5. “Well…I’ll just figure it out.”