3 Ways to Get Out of a Reading Rut

Typically, I’m a voracious reader. Lately I’ve been starting and stopping more books than I finish, watching TV before bed, and feeling a general distaste for every option I pick up. I’ve made it a goal to get back into the swing of things before the height of summer, as it’s ideal for the beach, the porch, and even the traffic-laden drives to reach vacation. Here are 3 ways that I use to get out of my reading rut:

  1. Quick Reads: Books like Eligible or any mystery by James Patterson is a quick read, and I become immersed within the first 20 pages. They kick-start my reading habit back into gear, and even if they’re not the most fulfilling, usually I’ll enjoy it enough to head right to the next book.
  2. Read in the Morning: This works especially well when the chapters are short, as it’s not completely derailing to your morning routine.  Lately, I’ve been picking up my book instead of my phone in the mornings and taking 15 minutes to read a couple pages. I’m not a night person, and reading in the morning ensures that I won’t fall asleep with a book on my face.
  3. Go to the Library: There’s nothing more enticing than seeing all the bestsellers in one place, yet you don’t have to buy them. It’s a perfect way once in the habit of reading to keep cruising through the titles! You just have to finish the popular titles in two weeks to avoid late fees – tough when you always bite off more than you can chew!