3 Habits to Change

I’m a creature of habit, live by routine, and feel completely off balance when anything changes. I’m a decently early riser (whether I’m tired or awake I’ll rarely roll over and fall back to sleep), need to get some form of exercise in, and plan out most of my meals in advance. However, despite this sounding decently organized, there are bad habits I’ve also adopted that have unfortunately become part of my routine.

  1. Eating Too Quickly – this has been a longtime problem. I’ve always been told my grandparents, parents, etc to slow down and chew my food. I’ve tried to sit down, without my phone, and be more mindful about taking time between bites. Let’s be honest…it’s hard. Always something to work on, though.
  2. Checking ALL My Blogs in the Morning – yes, this is something that makes me happy in the morning, but now there’s just too many. Sometimes I feel as if I’m simply wasting time, procrastinating (it can also lead to a black hole of online shopping) and delaying starting my day. I’m working on only checking my top 3, and leaving the rest as something to look forward to as an afternoon break.
  3. Sitting – I recently read this article  and had a minor freak out. I definitely sit way more than necessary, and rarely move throughout the day. Now, even my near-daily runs will not combat the effects. We’ve taken to immediately standing at our desks than sitting down, since we already sit about an hour in the car to drive to the office in the morning. Sitting down is a nice break while (mindfully) eating our lunches.