1 Museum to Visit More Often in Boston

I’ll sound like a broken record to all my friends, but to any 20-something, the Museum of Science is one of the most underrated places to go. When the winter months hit New England, they hit hard: frigid temperature, piles of snow, and a sudden lack of outdoor activities. Do you have a friend visiting? Are you looking to fill some time on a weekend? Tired of meeting a friend at a bar on a weeknight? I highly recommend making the Museum of Science your next stop.

  • National Parks Adventure was one of the most amazing films/documentaries I’ve seen (I’ve been twice). You’ll sit surrounded by an 180° screen, immersed in the whole environment. For those who’ve seen Meru, you’ll enjoy seeing Conrad Anker in a different, less intense, light. Also, there’s showtimes around 7:00 pm, perfect for a happy-hour alternative, or the nerdiest date ever. imax_national-parks-adventure_0.jpg
  • Right now there’s a CHOCOLATE exhibit, need I say more? Okay, I haven’t been to see this yet, but I can only imagine how incredible it will be.
  • The Museum Shop has the cutest and cheapest home accessories. See the tea light holders in the picture below? Those are $6 each at the Museum Shop, which I find a steal compared to what they would cost at Pier 1 or West Elm. Also, each one is different! fullsizerender-4




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