4 Cambridge Restaurants Worth Crossing the River For

Truth be told, I already live across the river; however, most people view the best restaurants in the city as being located in the South End, Back Bay or Newbury. This is definitely not the case! Next time you’re looking for a night out, consider these options:

  1. Alden & Harlow: Hands down one of my favorite places in the area. Great vibe, diverse menu, and mouth-watering cocktails. Make a reservation for an early dinner (and on a weekday) to ensure you get one of their limited ‘secret’ burgers.
  2. Lone Star Taco: There are two locations of this restaurant, but their East Cambridge joint is the only one I’ve been to. Definitely consider the mug-arita if you’re in the mood, more marg…more fun!
  3. Little Donkey: You have to be a wee bit adventurous here, it’s tapas style and the chefs put an interesting spin on all the classic dishes. Tip: they’ll always try and get you to order more plates (and it’s definitely tempting with the options) but I find I’m usually full after 1.5-2 dishes. And save room for dessert!
  4. Area Four: PIZZA! Need I say more? The Food Network, and even Obama, approves.

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